About Our Chefs

Siam Queen Thai Bistro was born when one of the employees of Lotus Thai Bistro decided to purchase the restaurant from the owner, who was retiring. The bistro was already a staple in Carlsbad for over 17 years for Thai takeout and dining-in services. Under the new owner, who committed to uphold the high standards of quality, freshness and service that made the restaurant special, the tradition of excellence has flourished. Today, Siam Queen Thai Bistro is the ultimate destination for anyone who loves flavors that hit the spot every time.

Our name comes from a variety of Thai basil called “Siam Queen”, which is native to Southeast Asia. It has been carefully cultivated for its licorice-like flavor and stability under high temperatures. Because we’re all about flavor, there is no better namesake for our restaurant. Led by manager Nok Peters, we lovingly recreate authentic Thai recipes that have made this restaurant a go-to spot for all flavors Thai in Carlsbad. Nok owned her own restaurant in Thailand for 12 years before moving to San Diego with her husband, and her rich experience and passion for fresh, delicious Thai flavors has taken the restaurant to the next level.

We believe that food is restorative, transformative. The difference between a tough day and a better one can be found in one of our Thai bistro’s curries, noodle bowls or specialty dishes. We love bringing smiles to our customers’ faces while giving them a delectable answer to their hunger. Whether you want to dine in, take out, or enjoy delivery, we’re ready to serve. Order from our menu today.