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The Best Thai Food in San Diego

One great aspect of life in the beautiful seaside city of San Diego — besides the incredible zoo, the gorgeous beaches, the year-round sunny weather, and more — is the fantastic diversity of food on offer, everywhere you go. The city itself is a real melting pot of a huge number of cultures and ethnicities, so you can try just about any kind of food that you want.

Thai food, with its bright, bold flavors and often spicy edge, is one of the most frequently sought-after flavors in San Diego. Thai food is fresh, healthy and innovative, and the flavors from different regions of Thailand pay homage to the diversity of their roots and the vibrance of all of the different flavors found in Thailand and the nations that surround it. Food from Northern Thailand can be quite different from food from Southern Thailand, as they are surrounded by different cultures whose foods are quite distinctive and lend their flavors easily to their neighbors. The Northern palate is generally not as fiery as its counterpart to the South, but instead boasts lots of fresh vegetables, smoky grills, and herb-rich curries. Southern Thai food, then, as you might imagine, is marked by pronounced heat and spice, as well as coconut to balance out the heat, and the fragrant combination of turmeric, galangal, garlic, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves.

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Pandemic Changes at Siam Queen Thai Bistro

Since the pandemic began, and San Diego is in a zone that prohibits in-restaurant dining, we have been offering our delicious fare through curbside pickup services and delivery services such as Uber Eats. Now you can enjoy your favorite flavors of Thailand from Siam Queen Thai Bistro in the comfort of your own home, no shopping or cooking required or recipes to follow. Just relax and enjoy delectable Thai food at home. Especially when you are cooking for yourself a lot, like we all have been during the pandemic and subsequent isolation, it’s nice to let someone else do the cooking for you for a change.

We take great pride in our name, “Siam Queen”, which comes from a variety of Thai basil called “Siam Queen.” This variety is particularly flavorful with deep licorice notes and excellent stability under high temperatures. Since Siam Queen Thai Bistro is a restaurant centered around flavor, we cannot think of a better namesake. Thai basil also features enormously in many Thai dishes, its pungent aroma and fresh taste a hallmark for delicious Thai food.

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Our Head Chef

Our head chef, Nok Peters, who is also co-owner of the restaurant, worked and cooked in Thailand and developed her own take on recipes, flavors and dishes. Nok owned her own restaurant in Thailand for about 12 years before coming to the United States, and you can taste her commitment to authenticity in her flavors and dishes. Her experience and passion has elevated Siam Queen Thai Bistro to a whole new level.

At Siam Queen Thai Bistro, we hold the belief that food can be restorative and transformative. We believe that the difference between a tough, dreary day and a better one can be found in one of our steaming curries, soups or hotpots. We believe that delicious, fresh flavors can make a difference. And we hope that you’ll join us, or let us join you, for lunch or dinner soon. Make your day a little better with food from Siam Queen Thai Bistro.

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