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Here at Siam Queen Thai Bistro, our Pad Thai is one of our most popular menu items! It’s a favorite for a reason, and while you can always order Pad Thai for pickup or dine-in, learning to make Pad Thai at home can be an easy alternative.

However, an at-home Pad Thai recipe will lack some traditional ingredients that may be harder to find at a local grocery store, like dried shrimp or tamarind. Even fresh bean sprouts can be a challenge to find, but you can try your local Carlsbad Asian grocery for more specific ingredients. One ingredient that’s essential (but might not be part of your pantry) is fish sauce. It’s easy to find, and Pad Thai just isn’t quite the same without fish sauce.

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Want to try your hand at making Thai food at home? Today’s blog will help you get started! If you’ve never had authentic Thai food before, we suggest ordering what you’re interested in trying to make on your own before diving into the kitchen. It gives you a baseline to compare your efforts to, and if your culinary adventures don’t end up going the way you hoped, Siam Queen Thai Bistro in Carlsbad is always here to quench your craving for Thai food! Continue reading to learn a few of our favorite recipes to make at home.

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One great aspect of life in the beautiful seaside city of San Diego — besides the incredible zoo, the gorgeous beaches, the year-round sunny weather, and more — is the fantastic diversity of food on offer, everywhere you go. The city itself is a real melting pot of a huge number of cultures and ethnicities, so you can try just about any kind of food that you want.

Thai food, with its bright, bold flavors and often spicy edge, is one of the most frequently sought-after flavors in San Diego. Thai food is fresh, healthy and innovative, and the flavors from different regions of Thailand pay homage to the diversity of their roots and the vibrance of all of the different flavors found in Thailand and the nations that surround it. Food from Northern Thailand can be quite different from...


The best thing about traveling is getting to try new foods in exotic locales, and Bangkok is no exception. While the city simply teems with restaurants offering delicious dishes and amping up the flavors of Thailand, it can be helpful to know what to look for when you go. We’re going to talk about our favorite dishes that we look for when we go to Bangkok, and we hope that in the meantime, you’ll come and enjoy the flavors of Thailand at Siam Queen Thai Bistro in San Diego.


Welcome to your local Carlsbad Thai bistro! Here you can find a wealth of information about Thai food, the history of some of our dishes, information about the origins or our dishes and why we selected them, and so much more. From pad Thai to panang curry to Thai fried rice and fresh spring rolls, Thai food is always an adventure for the taste buds and its storied history is as compelling as the dishes themselves. Check back regularly!